At JJRealis,  we have a dedicated and dynamic in-house team of Design Architects and Engineers with diverse experiences, in depth knowlege and creative mindset. We always aim to deliver unique & cost-effective Design Solutions involving active monitoring and ensuring on-time delivery and reflecting Client's requirements.


Architectural services are comprehensive in scope from conceptual design through construction and post-occupancy evaluation. Programming, master planning, facility assessment, value engineering, CAD, and 3D modelling are all capabilities of JJREALIS that are provided when called for by the nature, scope or complexity of a project.
The planning process typically addresses salient land use, transportation, utility, economic and environmental issues. Alternatives are explored to maximise site opportunities and minimise constraints for an optimum master plan.
Quality space planning facilitates the operational and physical requirements of a facility where ideas, images, philosophy and culture of the client take precedence. Adjacencies, work areas and “traffic” flow are combined and arranged to maximise efficiency in daily operations.
Representing the client’s interest during construction is one of the most important aspects of the project that the client is expecting. The principal architect performs site visitations and monitors the construction process when needed to meet project demands.
The design team have experience in a wide range of building types and structural systems, including analysis of pre-existent structures. Comprehensive services will include third party design review and structural audit of the project. Report preparation is aided by an extensive site evaluation & available structural detail
The mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering design team have substantial experience in a wide range of building types and systems. Comprehensive services will include mechanical and electrical systems analysis, development of energy-efficient mechanical and electrical systems design. Services can also be tailor-made for offering construction documentation and onsite supervision.
Interior design services entail a full range of capabilities from programming and space planning through construction documents, bidding, procurement and installation supervision. Services upon request can encompass the selection of materials, finishes and fixtures, furnishings and equipment (Fire Fighting & Electrical packages ).

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