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What is Project Management in real estate?

Project management is a field that has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with many industries — including real estate — integrating its methodologies into their workflows.

It is the process of controlling and harmonizing the project schedule, budget, and quality. Project management ensures that a real estate project runs smoothly and yields all project deliverables on time.

Real estate projects are often enormous in scope. Statista’s research published in May 2022 shows that the average construction time for residential buildings

Manage Budgets and Timelines

Improve Productivity

Become Management Professional

 Mitigate Project Risks 

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Development project can be divided into 4 phases

Design & Engineering

Design Review Design Process Document Control Project Cost Plan


Pre-Qualification Bid Documentation Bid process Contract Rewards


Site Organization Construction Management Submittal Process Site Logistics


Close-out deliverables handover

As real estate projects are often highly demanding organization-wise, without proper management, they can collapse as easily as a tower of cards. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to learn proper project management techniques that will boost your project success rate. From online courses to degrees, education in the real estate PM field is plentiful

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